Facial fillers fot giving new definition to features

Author: Dr. Spagnolo Antonio Daniele

Date: 25/02/2019

Facial fillers are today the most widely used cosmetic medicine treatments for giving the face a younger and fresher look; according to recent research conducted by an industry company, more than 70% of the people interviewed had undergone or were considering a facial filler.

The success of this type of treatment is certainly due to the research path that over the years has led to completely biocompatible and resabsorbable facial fillers and to the development of injection techniques able to give safe and natural results, reducing recovery times to a minimum.

The facial filler has thus become one of the most valuable and versatile tools available today in aesthetic medicine for smoothing wrinkles, restoring volumes to the face, redefining contours, harmonising features and giving a lifting effect.

Redefining the oval with facial fillers

The plastic surgeon uses different types of facial fillers depending on the type of imperfection to be corrected and the characteristics of the patient. Most of those who enter the surgery have slackening of skin tissues and a poor tone to the features: it is loss of definition of these latter that visually marks the passing of time and perception of the advancing aging process.

In these cases, the facial filler based on calcium hydroxylapatite, a completely absorbable substance with characteristics that differ from those of hyaluronic acid, is particularly indicated. Calcium hydroxyapatite is particularly effective in redefining the mandibular contour and repositioning volumes due to the lifting effect. In addition to immediate correction of imperfections, this facial filler produces two further effects: it stimulates the production of new collagen and it improves skin quality in the weeks following treatment.

The right approach to facial filler treatment

The first step in the approach to treatment is the most important one and consists of the choice of medical figure of reference. Undergoing a facial filler treatment involves entrusting yourself to an aesthetic surgeon or doctor who has experience in the field and uses certified and high-quality products. The fact that the facial filler is extremely widespread does not mean identifying it as a trivial treatment. The result depends in particular on the professionalism of those who perform it and the quality of the materials used. Patients should carefully choose the specialist they entrust themselves to. The choice of which face filler to use is up to the aesthetic surgeon who knows use of the materials well and can propose the solution that is most in line with the patient's expectations.

Essential characteristics of facial fillers

An important characteristic of the face filler certainly lies in the non-invasiveness of the intervention: the treatment can be performed in the clinic, does not require the use of an operating theatre and does not imply recovery times. The patient can usually return immediately to normal daily activities and social life because the most common after-effects consist at most of small oedemas or slight swelling.

A key characteristic of modern facial fillers is reabsorbability, which makes it possible to correct imperfections by adapting the treatment from time to time to evolution of the face. A thorough examination and an open and sincere ialinterview with the specialist will help the patient to understand all the benefits and risks associated with the treatment and to understand if the face filler is the most suitable choice and most in line with expectations.

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