Author: Dr. Oreste Di Mattei Di Matteo

date: 20/01/2020

is a cosmetic surgery procedure aimed at improving the appearance of the eyes.

When speaking of "blepharoplasty", in reality, we can also refer to surgical procedures aimed at reconstructing the eyelid, therefore surgery of a functional nature.
Nevertheless, in the vast majority of cases it is performed for aesthetic purposes. The eye area, incidentally, is one of the most important with respect to the beauty of the face, and affects the very appearance of the face.

Rejuvenating the eyes

Imperfections regarding the eyes and both the upper and lower eyelids, can affect the appearance of the face:

  • tired
  • less "fresh"
  • less attractive
  • givign the person a less youthful appearance
  • an expression of looking sad

In short, there is no doubt that this particular area of the face is very important on an aesthetic level, so it is certainly crucial that any defects are appropriately corrected if you want to show off a young, attractive, and harmonious appearance.

Blepharoplasty corrects eye defects and the surrounding skin areas, therefore relying on an experienced surgeon will certainly make it possible to reclaim a flawless appearance.

When should you undergo aprocedure on the lower/upper eyelids?

  • the shape of the eyelids is altered
  • loss of firmness of the upper or lower eyelid
  • localised swelling
  • fatty deposits
  • eye contour area
  • general sagging
  • crow's feet
  • a tired or sad look
  • bags under the eyes
  • Dark circles. As is well known, these can occur completely naturally when you are tired, if you have not rested enough, or when you are under conditions of particular psycho-physical stress, however in some individuals this defect can appear almost permanent, even when perfectly rested. Blepharoplasty can be an answer to the problem.

The final opinion on the feasibility and method of procedure lies with the surgeon in charge of treatment, who will be able to assess each individual case with professionalism and experience.

How to prepare for a procedure on the lower / upper eyelids.
As with all cosmetic surgery, the patient is required to take certain precautions in the days leading up to the procedure.

There are no major problems with blepharoplasty, but since it falls under cosmetic surgery, certain rules must always be followed to avoid the risks that may arise.
The surgeon who is to carry out the procedure will provide all the details, explain the risks of blepharoplasty to the patient and the patient will have to strictly comply with what the surgeon has suggested.
As far as preparation for the procedure is concerned, there are some general guidelines, which are valid in almost all cases.

  • No smoking or alcohol
  • All general clinical examinations should be performed, i.e. traditional blood tests
  • Having an electrocardiogram (ECG)
  • other more specific medical tests (such as for azotemia)
  • a careful eye examination, as this is a procedure involving the periocular areas

How is blepharoplasty carried out?
The procedure essentially involves making small incisions through which small portions of the skin are removed; in doing so, this gives the skin surrounding the eye a more toned and younger appearance.

What approaches are there? The techniques used

Blepharoplasty can essentially be divided into:

  • upper eyelids
  • lower eyelids
  • complete, in which case both the upper and lower eyelids are treated
  • intra-conjunctival, a technique adopted by surgeons, only in certain cases, and in blepharoplasty which involves the removal of small quantities of bone tissue, as well as portions of skin.

Duration of the procedure on the lower / upper eyelids

The duration of the procedure is decidedly short: a procedure of this type, regardless of the technical approach used, lasts an average of 20 minutes.
The procedure is carried out under local anaesthetic, which is generally performed through intravenous sedation.

Is there a risk of scarring?
As with all cosmetic surgery involving skin incisions, men and women undergoing blepharoplasty are often concerned about the scars being visible on the skin.

Reassurances can certainly be made in this regard: for blepharoplasty procedures, scars have in fact never been a major problem, also bear in mind that the surgical techniques employed have been refined significantly in recent years.

Not only are the incisions made extremely thin, but they are made in such a way as to follow the natural folds of the skin.

Post-operative care

Not only in terms of preparation, but also from a post-operative point of view, blepharoplasty is a cosmetic surgery that is anything but problematic.
Those who undergo this type of procedure can leave the clinic almost immediately, without having to spend a night as an inpatient.
Following the procedure, the patient will have to:

  • follow a light diet
  • be accompanied home
  • be assisted by someone they trust
  • Take antibiotics (which essentially have a pain-relieving and decongestant function)
  • can resume normal domestic and work routines after 1 week (normal day to day life can be resumed)
  • within a few days, women can also safely apply makeup.

The above are, of course, only general guidelines; the surgeon who will carry out the procedure will be very precise with his patient about the post-operative guidelines that should be strictly observed.

These and all the other aspects connected with the procedure, will of course be specified carefully by the surgeon even before agreeing the operation date.

Side effects

Among the most common side effects, are:

  • slight numbness
  • tiredness
  • localised swelling and redness. These are quite common symptoms which disappear within a period of 1 or 2 days
  • all of the side effects related to any cosmetic surgery (such as allergy, infections, etc.)

The results

The best results are obtained when, from the outset, the individual has realistic expectations about the outcome of the procedure; in general the results are:

    • a fresher looking face
    • a more cheerful expression
  • more pleasant facial contours

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