Dr. Spagnolo Antonio Daniele

Plastic surgery, Aesthetic surgery, Aesthetic medicine

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Milan (Italy)

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Plastic surgery, Aesthetic surgery, Aesthetic medicine


Dr. Antonio Spagnolo is a surgeon specializing in Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery.

During his training, Dr. Antonio Spagnolo worked at major hospitals:

- in 2001 he was resident - EEC Bursary at the Department of Plastic Surgery of the Cancer Institute of Genoa with tasks related to cancer surgery and breast reconstruction;

- in 2002 he worked at the Plastic Surgery Unit of the Galeazzi Orthopedic Institute in Milan;

- in 2004 he collaborated with the clinic Villa Bella, under the direction of dr. G. Botti;

- in 2005 he was called to work at the Plastic Surgery Unit of the University of Genoa and for the Plastic Surgery Department of the Policlinico of Monza;

Since 2006 the Dr. Spagnolo works in his studies in Lecco and Milan.


Studio dottor spagnolo

corso venezia 44
Milan (Italy)

Studio dr Spagnolo - Lecco

Via Cairoli, 9/d
Lecco (Italy)

    Study treatments

    Treatments offered

    - Chemical peeling

    - Treatment of expression wrinkles (hyaluronic acid)

    - Facial rejuvenation

    - Increase and / or definition of the lip contour

    - Facial / body tissue bio-revitalization

    - Treatment of axillary, palmar hyperhidrosis

    LASERTHERAPY (co2 laser and fractional co2)

    - Rejuvenation of the face, neck, hands (fractional laser)

    - Treatment of sunspots

    - Elimination of xanthelomas, superficial lesions of the skin and small tumors


    - Treatment of skin blemishes (keratosis, fibroids)

    - Double-chin correction

    - Remodeling of the nose

    - Remodeling of the cheekbones

    - Correction of prominent ears

    - Lipofilling face and body

    - Esthetic revision of the scars

    - facial lifting

    - Upper and lower blepharoplasty

    - Lifting of the eyebrow

    - Lipofilling

    - Rhinosettoplasty

    - Breast augmentation

    - Mastopexy with or without prosthetic implant

    - Reduction mammoplasty

    - Gynecomastia

    - Abdominoplasty

    - Body liposculpture

    - Arm lifting

    The advice of the specialist

    Facial fillers fot giving new definition to features
    Facial fillers fot giving new definition to features

    Facial fillers are today the most widely used cosmetic medicine treatments for giving the face a...

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