Author: Dott.ssa Basile M. Gaetana (Tania)

Date: 10/06/2020

Laser liposculpture is used to reshape areas of the body that are difficult to change with diet and daily exercise. Reshaping is NOT used to lose weight.

Thousands of
 liposuctions and liposculpture procedures  are successfully performed every year all over the world. Liposuction is the most performed plastic surgery procedure in 2013 in Italy SOURCE: Italian Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery AICPE survey on the progress of surgery and aesthetic medicine

SOURCE: Italian Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

AICPE survey on the progress of surgery and aesthetic medicine

What is laser liposculpture?

Laser liposculpture is the procedure that uses a laser to liquefy the fat to be removed.

  • laser-assisted liposuction "LAL" surgical technique
  •         minimally-invasive laser-lipolysis technique


Laser-assisted liposuction – LAL 

The procedure using a low power laser followed by cannula aspiration is known as laser-assisted liposuction – LAL .

Laser liposculpture was developed as an alternative to the traditional tumescent liposuction method.

The laser can selectively access areas of the body that can then be sculpted and reshaped. The cannula to remove fat deposits under the skin has a laser which is used to dissolve the fat. Once the fat has been dissolved and liquefied, small incisions are made and the fat is sucked out with a cannula.

Liposuction lasers are specially designed to target only fat cells, protecting muscle and nerve tissue. This precision often means:

  • less pain

·        quicker recovery

·        less bruising  

The phases of laser assisted liposculpture


Most liposuction operations are performed under general anaesthesia.


This procedure usually takes 1 to 4 hours. You will have to stay in the hospital overnight after surgery if general anaesthesia is used.

After surgery

After the procedure you should wear an elastic corset or bandages to reduce swelling and bruising.
Support clothing should be worn for several weeks after the operation.

The stitches are usually removed after 7 days.

The risks

In addition to the general risks of surgery, the specific risks are:

-       The area where the fat has been removed may appear uneven

-        The treated area may remain numb for several months

The results

The results of laser liposculpture are comparable to those of traditional liposuction even though it is mainly used to treat less extensive areas.

Laser-lipolysis: minimally-invasive liposculpture

Laser-lipolysis uses more powerful lasers for the destruction of fat tissue through small skin incisions. 
The laser acts by breaking down the adipocytes and dissolving the fat.

The liquefied fat is then sucked out with syringes or removed physiologically from the body.  

This technique is not a substitute for liposuction as it can only be performed on small amounts of fat and very narrow areas.

Laser lipolysis is considered a cosmetic technique used to correct slight imperfections in the body.

This technique has advantages such as:

  •       it may not require aspiration

·        use of local anaesthesia

·        causes less bleeding

·        reduced bruising

·        less pain

·        reduced risk of scarring

·        better skin tone thanks to local stimulation of collagen production


The results

Laser lipolysis has been shown to be less effective than traditional liposuction.


Traditional liposuction remains in any case the most used and most studied technique by researchers in the field of aesthetic medicine and surgery.


Laser liposculpture is used to remove unwanted body fat, but it is not a substitute for a healthy and balanced diet and regular exercise, nor for a healthy life, which also help to maintain the results of surgery for a long time.

Dott.ssa Basile M. Gaetana (Tania)


Dott.ssa Basile M. Gaetana (Tania)

Medico Chirurgo - N. Iscrizione all' ordine: 8309 - Cosenza

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