Benefits of non-surgical lifting using microfocused ultrasound

Author: Dr. Carfagna Rocco

Date: 25/02/2019

In recent years, there has been growing interest in the possibility of intervening on problems of skin laxity without surgery, which can be invasive and more worrying for patients.

It is precisely this need for patients to achieve rejuvenation that may be the most natural and the least traumatic possible, which has meant that research in this field has made numerous efforts over recent years, with the aim of guaranteeing the least painful treatment possible for the patient, and a post-treatment phase that would allow them to return to their daily life as quickly as possible. Obviously, all this while guaranteeing an absolutely natural, effective and long-lasting result, and able to provide effective skin rejuvenation for the patient.

Turning point for microfocused ultrasound

As Dr. Rocco Carfagna explains, the turning point came with the innovative use of microfocused ultrasound, a type of treatment that allows the patient to avoid surgery that could be invasive or painful.

The main characteristic of this type of treatment is the ability to determine a skin tension, proceeding to increase and biologically stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastin.

Patients with skin laxity are therefore very suitable for microfocused ultrasound therapy, since an important lifting effect is obtained, which already appears in the first months after treatment and the effects of which continue to improve, even in the period following the session.

Dr. Carfagna explains that the great innovation of this treatment derives from the possibility of intervening on the affected region, be it the face, neck or cleavage, using exclusively ultrasound where surgery would once have taken place. This makes it possible to treat sagging skin with no need for cuts or incisions; namely, all those situations that most often worry patients, hesitating in some cases to undergo surgery of this type.

An additional advantage highlighted by Dr. Carfagna concerns not only the phase of intervention but mainly the post-treatment phase which, due to the absence of surgery, will be less painful for the patient, therefore more bearable, and with practically no recovery times, since there is immediately the possibility of returning to an ordinary life right away. The technology is now used in aesthetic medicine with enormous success precisely for this reason or, thanks to its unique characteristics, that of allowing patients to resume their social and work activities immediately, in the absence of relevant outcomes in the period after the session, without the treatment itself minimally conditioning their daily activities.

How a treatment session using microfocused ultrasound takes place

The procedure adopted to intervene using microfocused ultrasound is extremely quick and painless, explains Dr. Carfagna. In fact, the treatment consists of a single session lasting about one hour, during which the whole area affected by skin sagging is treated.

However, the essential element, says Dr. Carfagna "is that you explain exactly to the patients what the treatment consists of, what are its effects and the benefits it can bring, in order to make them as aware and prepared as possible". Establishing this kind of relationship based on clarity, continues Dr. Carfagna, allows patients to be fully satisfied in view of what the final result of treatment using microfocused ultrasound will be, which ensures an absolutely natural effect, as well as, of course, being completely atraumatic.

Results over time of microfocused ultrasound

Dr. Carfagna also explains the timeframe in which to expect the first clear results of this treatment, and also the timeframe of duration of using microfocused ultrasound. As far as the first results are concerned, they appear evident within the first three months of the session in which the affected area was treated, without any need to intervene again with other treatment sessions.

As regards the duration and protraction over time of the effects of microfocused ultrasound, Dr. Carfagna talks about an expected duration of about a year and a half, two years from the first and only session the patient has undergone, a period of time during which he/she can enjoy all the beneficial effects of the treatment, with results that are absolutely natural, as noted, and also evident and lasting.

For all these reasons therefore, as Dr. Carfagna explains, the use of microfocused ultrasound represents a fundamental tool in aesthetic surgery. Precisely because, with the advent of microfocused ultrasound, a fundamental turning point has been possible in this sense, since it has permitted obtaining results that are evident but at the same time extremely natural and risk-free for the patient's health
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