Dr. Borriello Carlo

Aesthetic medicine

N. Registration to the order: Na 28935

Lucca (Italy)

Professional profile

Specialist in

Aesthetic medicine

Dr. Carlo Borriello graduated with honors in Medicine in 1998 at the Second University of Naples and specializes in Maxillo-Facial Surgery (2004) at the same university. 

From 2005 the dr. Borriello is interested in aesthetic medicine attending post-graduate training courses in Italy and abroad.


Studio dott Carlo Borriello

viale Giuseppe Giusti n. 273
Lucca (Italy)

Citymed Genova

corso Torino 91/r
Genoa (Italy)

    Study treatments

    Treatments offered

    - Hyaluronic acid
    - Calcium hydroxylapatite
    - Bio-revitalization
    - Hyperhidrosis
    - Botulinum toxin
    - Laser treatments
    - Photorjuvenation
    - Hands Rejuvenation
    - Epilation
    - Cutaneous spots
    - Venous Capillary injuries
    - Stretch marks
    - Cutaneous Relaxation
    - Scars
    - Acne
    - bio-vitalizing cysts and body fibers
    - face and body support wires
    - superficial and deep peelings
    - Microfocused ultrasound

    The advice of the specialist

    Microfocused ultrasound: more safety with FDA certification
    Microfocused ultrasound: more safety with FDA certification

    Increasingly often we hear about FDA certification; not everyone knows, however, that the FDA...

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