Dr. Bovani Bruno

Plastic surgery, Aesthetic surgery, Aesthetic medicine

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Perugia (Italy)

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Plastic surgery, Aesthetic surgery, Aesthetic medicine

Dr. Bruno Bovani is Specialized in General Surgery

From 1988 to 2000: he carried out his professional activity at the Institute of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery of the University of Perugia under the direction of Prof. C. Dominici. In recent years he has performed, as first operator, countless surgical operations of general surgery, plastic surgery, reconstructive surgery and vascular surgery.
Particularly focusing on reconstructive surgery due to congenital malformations, trauma, burns, oncological demolitions.

Since 1999 he has been the Medical Director of the Center for Outpatient Surgery in Perugia.
Over the years he has held numerous training internships in Italy and abroad including: England, France, Spain, Holland, Sweden and Brazil.

Since 2008 he has been a lecturer at the Master of Aesthetic Dermatology at the University of Florence and a lecturer in numerous training courses for doctors in the field of plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine.
He participates every year as a speaker at the most important national and international conferences in the sector.

Dr. Bovani is the author of numerous scientific publications.

He is a member of numerous important scientific associations, including:
S.I.C.P.R.E. (Italian Society of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery).
A.I.C.P.E. ((Italian Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery).
S.I.F.L. (Italian Society of PhleboLinfology).
A.S.S.E.C.E. (European Association of Aesthetic Surgery).


Centro Medico Esculapio

Via M. Angeloni 43
Perugia (Italy)

Istituto Medico Medlight

Via Claudio Monteverdi, 2
Florence (Italy)

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    Botulinum toxin

    Microfocused ultrasound

    " guided subcision " cellulite treatment

    Laser Therapy



    Abdominal lifting

    Breast reduction

    Breast augmentation

    True and false gynecomastia

    Scars Review




    Breast Lift




    Face lift

    Lift thighs



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    Ultrasound: an unstoppable global trend
    Ultrasound: an unstoppable global trend

    With the start of the new millennium we witnessed a very rapid growth in new laser technologies...

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