Lipolaser for an ideal silhouette

Author: Dr. Renzi Massimo

Date: 25/02/2019

It is a fact that most individuals now pay progressively more attention to their physical form than in the past; and this trend applies to both women and men.

Lifestyle, movement, proper nutrition and the "beauty routine" now followed by growing sectors of the population represent the main mix of allies for the prevention of overweight and obesity. However, wrong habits, hereditary factors and moments of psychophysical stress can often compromise the body silhouette, to the disadvantage of particular areas where fat cells create imperfections that are difficult to counteract.

Laserlipolysis, what does it consist of?

Among the various existing methods to counter this widespread form of imperfection, explains Dr. Massimo Renzi, laser-lipolysis – laser-assisted treatment designed specifically to remove excess adipose tissue – is high-performing and effective for eliminating excess fat, making it possible to treat adipose pads in a targeted and focused way.

In fact, it is an innovative approach that is modifying and perfecting the way to eliminate excess localised fat, without having to resort to complex plastic surgery under general anaesthesia.

With the Lipolaser you can obtain a considerable advantage over traditional liposculpture. What are we talking about? A method that uses a one-millimetre laser fibre that is introduced into the region to be treated, with the aim of emitting heat and energy to dissolve the fat selectively and, at the same time, this heat is distributed in the inner part of the skin.

After a thorough preliminary medical examination, the treatment starts by locally anaesthetising the area to be treated. Then, making a small hole, the cannula is inserted which emits the laser fibre that acts on the fat, dissolving it.

With the lipolaser, the patient can be assured of less invasiveness than with traditional liposculpture, because the energy generated melts the fat, allowing suction with smaller cannulas. Furthermore, at the same time, skin retraction is generated, which is sometimes less important with traditional liposculpture.

A further advantage is that it is possible to treat complex regions such as the abdomen, or regions where the skin is physiologically slacker, in a simpler and more effective way.

Today, adds Dr. Renzi, this treatment is particularly appreciated by sportsmen and women because often, despite a balanced diet and continuous physical activity, it may be difficult to remove the most stubborn fat accumulation.

The data in our possession confirm how sensitivity in males towards this type of treatment grows at the same pace as attention to their physical form; just think of the figure of the personal trainer who is increasingly called on for obtaining a sculpted physique.

Areas of lipolaser treatment

Thanks to the scientific evidence described above, explains Dr. Renzi, lipolaser is particularly indicated for treating areas such as:

-           outer thigh,

-           inner thigh,

-           hips,

-           inner knee,

-           abdomen.

Biology tells us that every person is born with a precise number of fat cells; it is a constant number, and when we put on weight these cells increase in volume, but not in number. And each of us has a region that tends to accumulate adiposity which is more difficult to get rid of despite subjecting ourselves to strict diets, very often also to the detriment of other regions in which we tend to lose more volume, such as the face and mammary region.

"The lipolaser," concludes Dr. Renzi, "is a valid, less invasive treatment option available to the plastic surgeon for achieving visible and safe results in remodelling of the body silhouette".

Renzi Massimo


Dr. Renzi Massimo

Medical Surgeon
Genoa (Italy)

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