Facial rejuvenation without a scalpel

Dr. Renzi Massimo

With the new treatments today we can rejuvenate the face in a very simple and effective way. 

In particular, Dr. Renzi explains his approach to the face of his patients, that is about dividing the face into three areas: an upper part, an intermediate area and a lower area.
The upper part of the face is very important, as the relationships between people take place through the eyes. So improving this area is decisive.

The treatment referred to for the upper part of the face is botulinum toxin, so as to improve the eyebrow and expression lines, to improve the brightness and heaviness of the eye.

With regard to the average region of the face we speak of a correction of lost volumes, very naturally, with calcium hydroxyapatite or with hyaluronic acid.

As far as the lower region is concerned, today we have a novelty that is the microfocused ultrasound that can treat and lift the lower third of the face in a non-surgical way, reducing the laxity that starts at 40 years old.