Dr. Tunesi Lucio

Aesthetic medicine

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Milan (Italy)

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Aesthetic medicine

In 1987 Dr. Lucio Tunesi specialized in Anesthesia and Reanimation at the University of Milan and in 1997 he obtained the diploma of Expert and Consultant in Medicine with Aesthetic Address at the Agorà of Milan (Advanced School of Medicine with Aesthetic Address).

In 2008 he was appointed Expert in Laser Therapy and Laser Surgery at the Agorà, in Milan.

In 1997 Dr. Lucio Tunesi is appointed professor of the School of Medicine with Aesthetic Address (Agorà) of Milan, a title that is reconfirmed until 2012.

Since 1998 he is also a professor of Aesthetic Medicine and related courses.

Dr. Lucio Tunesi is member of important associations of aesthetic medicine including: the Italian Society of Mesotherapy, the European Federation of Aesthetic Medicine School and the College of Scientific Societies of Aesthetic Medicine.


W.A.M.Worldwide Aesthetic Medicine srl

Via Aristide De Togni, 21
Milan (Italy)

    Study treatments

    Treatments offered

    Volumetric corrections of the face
    Skin bio-restructuring
    Lips treatments
    Correction of expression lines
    Skin revitalization
    Couperose correction
    Skin Needling
    Localized adiposity
    Multidisciplinary approach to P.E.F.S.
    Ablative and Non-Ablative Radiofrequency
    Surgical-dermatological CO2 laser
    Fractional lasers
    Transdermal vehiculation

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    Lips: To each their own

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