Lips: To each their own

Author: Dr. Tunesi Lucio

Date: 25/02/2019

We wanna be kissed by you, just you

nobody else but you

We wanna be kissed by you, alone!


"Hello, hi! It's us ... like who, us, the lips! Yes us, we who speak, smile, kiss, yawn, we are talking to you! We are Norma's lips, you know her, right? But yes, come on, Norma, Norma Jeane Mortenson ... you say you don't know who she is? Ah, OK, maybe you remember us with our stage name: Marylin, Marylin Monroe. From your smile one would say that you finally remember ... good. We already know that now you'll say: good life ... Instead it was difficult to always live up to framing the most beautiful smiles of our mistress ... and yet, until the last tragic moment, we were naturally harmonic, almost painted by a sublime artist, intrinsically beautiful, proportionate, never exaggerated but at the same time attractive, timid but sensual, full but not swollen; and to think that in our days there were not the many tricks that can be used today to maintain or obtain the right balance between proportion and naturalness; we have been lucky, at least for the time we have been granted. But you, girl or woman of the twenty-first century, look at ourselves carefully and keep in mind how beautiful the right mix of nature and proportion is, how precious harmony is! And you, a doctor who deals with aesthetics: do not continue to exaggerate! Look and remember what little miracles Nature works ... and learn."

After listening to Norma's lips, or Marylin's as you prefer, let's come back to our present and start with a game. Take a picture of yourself portraying your face frontally. From the various more or less glamorous magazines you have at home, cut out images of lips that you really like and would like to have, possibly the same size as those in the photo of your face before you on the table. Now place the image of the lips you have cut out on your photo, so as to cover your lips, replacing them with the "new" ones. Close your eyes, open them and look at the result ... in most cases you will see that actually those beautiful and desired lips are not so exciting on your face, and sometimes the result will even seem horrible. Why is that? Let’s take one step backwards. Beauty does not exist in absolute; it is a "myth" and, as such, unattainable by definition. Instead, harmony exists, a concept that expresses the set of different factors that blend into a pleasant and real, harmonious "unicum". Aesthetic Medicine is the search for harmony, the single harmony that concerns that particular individual, which we have to study, understand and bring out. Each face will therefore have its own lips which will be in harmony with the rest of the face and which may derive from a modification of the design, a volumetric increase, the correction of an asymmetry, a reinforcement of the perilabial zone, or from all these actions together, when necessary; the important thing is to seek a balance between face and lips so that there is continuity in anatomical contiguity, that one is linked to the other in a harmonious movement, that never give the impression of being lips pasted, randomly or on a whim, to a face that will always be that of a stranger. Yes, because, if you've never noticed it, lips and face are constantly moving in harmony, both in the life of relationships and in front of the mirror, even during the phases of sleep: we cannot and should not create rigidity, volumetric excess, duck beak or monkey face deformations as, unfortunately, often seen in the most varied contexts, from VIP dinners to supermarket shelves.

In the studio, Anna, a splendid 47-year-old who works in contact with the public, asks me: "What can I do to rejuvenate my lips without turning into a little monster? I would like to improve myself ... " and shows me a photo of when, a 17-year-old, her lips were definitely in good health. Of course, it is almost impossible to restore the turgidity and naturalness lost in the past thirty years, but with small injections, using a soft hyaluronic acid (absorbable filler) – which is well suited to a delicate tissue like the lips, sufficiently elastic to follow movements constantly and returning to their initial position without being deformed, integrating well with the labial mucosa without forming nodules – we can obtain an excellent result with a sufficient correction that gives the smile back to Anna, without fear of her little secret being "discovered" by the people she will meet in the next few months.

Giulia, on the other hand, a skilled 38-year-old saleswoman, notes a slight loss of turgidity and a small asymmetry of the upper lips: what to do? The design of her lips is beautiful, perfectly natural and in tune with his face; only a slight flexion of the upper left labial border can be seen with respect to the right. With a modest correction that restores the line of the upper left lip and a slight volumetric integration for improving the turgidity of the lips as a whole, and without modifying either design or proportions, we obtain a good result that is satisfactory and stable until the next occasion, fully respecting the physiognomy and naturalness of Giulia.

Angela is a marvellous 67-year-old grandmother with three grandchildren under the age of seven; three lively cyclones, acute observers but without inhibitions, who, at every opportunity, do not fail to remind the beloved grandmother that she has wrinkles around the mouth: cheeky blighters! She does not tell me, but I read in her eyes that she suffers a bit. Observing her, in fact, the lips have become rather thin and, above all, she – who has never smoked – bears evident signs of what, in jargon, is commonly known as the barcode line. How to go back to being pleasing to herself and her grandchildren? Certainly the lips deserve revolumising, but let's remove the "Dellera" model from our head; apart from the fact that her face would seem a caricature, remember that, given the modest but existing slackening of the "perilabial" tissues, any excess would certainly result in a monkey-like look that does not exist and we do not want. Therefore, again using an optimal hyaluronic acid, we partially restore the lost volume harmoniously adapting it to Angela's face and, subsequently, using an intradermal injection technique called "blanching technique" and a soft hyaluronic acid that this very superficial technique allows us, we work patiently on her "barcode" lines until they disappear, to the satisfaction of Angela and her delicious grandchildren.

And here we came to the title of this article: "Lips, to each their own" is the philosophy that can and should help us in dealing with a project of restructuring, maintenance or simple refreshing for the lips of patients who come to us with questions, doubts, proposals but always with great trust; this is a trust that we must deserve every time.

Tunesi Lucio


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