Author: Dr. Belfkira Fouad

Date: 25/02/2019

Today, most patients still approach medicine and cosmetic surgery with a certain mistrust, almost always linked to the fear of seeing their face distorted after treatment.

This situation has led me to reflect on the fact that if patients still have this fear it is because they continually see unnatural faces around, in which the presence of foreign substances prevails over facial expressiveness.

So I started thinking about the possibility of studying a filler injection technique which, when applied to every face, would be able to adapt perfectly to the patient's traits, emphasising natural beauty.

What the three triangle technique consists of

I arrived at design of the 3 triangle technique, which involves the drawing of 3 geometric figures on each side of the patient's face, based on the specific positioning of certain anatomic departments such as the zygomatic bone and the area of the temples.

The technique starts with identification of some key points on the patient's face and, taking them as a reference, we begin to draw lines to circumscribe the optimal injection areas.

Through this technique, we make sure that these injection areas are always identified with utmost precision on the face of each patient and, above all, we make sure that they respect the anatomical characteristics of the individual.

The global approach to facial rejuvenation

What I find very interesting in the 3-triangle technique is that it associates a new approach with a new injection technique and is based on anatomical departments for best adapting to the patient's physiognomy.

The new concept is to move towards a wider consideration of rejuvenation, of not being content with simply treating individual areas but using a true global approach to the face.

This new approach is based on a dynamic result as well as the static one we see in the classic before/after photos. We use this dynamic approach, which is much more emotional because beauty is not just an expression, it is also and above all emotion.

Choice of the specialist to trust

It is evident that one of the fundamental steps for successful treatment is to consult a medical specialist with proven experience and good aesthetic sensibility.

Among others, by being based on precise anatomical drawings, the three-triangle technique also allows you to distinguish between the competent and the less competent professional.

By creating a correct anatomical drawing, pain, injection edema and redness are greatly reduced, which is essential for improving patient comfort and allowing them to minimise small post-injection inconveniences.

In conclusion, if performed by a specialist doctor adequately prepared on the subject, the three-triangle technique omakes it possible to obtain very natural results that improve the harmony of the face at the static, dynamic and also emotional level.

Belfkira Fouad


Dr. Belfkira Fouad

Medical Surgeon
Lyon (France)

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