Skin laxity for arms and knees

Author: Dr. Dell'Avanzato Roberto

Date: 25/02/2019

The subject of skin laxity comes up frequently in my consultations with patients, explains Dr. Roberto Dell'Avanzato, because the discomfort caused by aging, especially in an area such as the inner arms, is an aspect that is strongly felt, particularly in female patients.

When patients turn to a medical and cosmetic surgery practice, they frequently highlight the discomfort felt in wearing a sweater with short sleeves, which highlights the skin laxity of the inner arms, or an outfit that leaves the knees uncovered.

This discomfort leads patients to ask the doctor to intervene on these particular areas for making them better cured, and to perform treatments that slow down and reduce sagging and skin laxity.

From surgery to non-surgical lifting

Until a few years ago, continues Dr. Dell'Avanzato, the surgical option was the best answer to the problems caused by skin laxity, because it was the only solution able to work on the lifting of a muscle.

Today, the attention of professionals has moved towards a truly effective approach offered by the synergy between different methods able to maximize the result, giving the treated area a natural appearance, without the scars and risks of surgery.

Echo-guided microfocused ultrasound

The development of new technologies and the growing demand for natural results with no recovery time in a post-treatment phase has led to an innovative method that is making headway among the sector experts: echo-guided microfocused ultrasound.

Thanks to microfocused ultrasound, explains Dr. Dell'Avanzato, it is possible to obtain very satisfactory results regarding non-surgical lifting of the muscle, not only for the arms and knees, but also for the face, neck and cleavage, buttocks, abdomen and inner thighs.

Used in synergy especially with the laser treatment called Endolift, which I codified in 2005 and developed over the last 13 years, it achieves extremely effective results, practically without risk, in just one session without anaesthesia or incisions, and with an immediate recovery of everyday life.

Of course, skin laxity of the inner arms and the inner thigh/above knee area can also be treated with other treatments, such as:

-           revitalising threads

-           ablative or non-ablative fractional laser

-           biostimulation

-           biorevitalisation

These are all methods with maximum effectiveness, especially when used in synergy, as well as a LED (a light emitted by a diode) which is one of the real innovations to have emerged in recent years: simple, safe and effective thanks to the effect of photo-remodelling of the surface and skin texture.

To maximise its effectiveness, a cosmeceutical line – for which Dr. Dell'Avanzato is scientific director – has been created, studied, tested and certified to be used with most of energies thanks to a registered thermostable polymer that is able to protect the active ingredients up to at least 70°C.

Despite the different treatments that the doctor can offer patients for the treatment of skin laxity, the real revolution remains the concept of depth and non-surgical lifting of the muscle; therefore, if until a few years ago you had to leave a large and very visible scar on the inner-arms or knee area (for example surgical lifting of the inner arm leaves a scar that runs from the elbow up to the armpit, so very difficult to hide), today – thanks to echo-guided microfocused ultrasound – the problem of skin laxity can be resolved in just one session, with a result that lasts over time and which, if necessary, can be repeated, as happens with classical surgical face-lifting.

Microfocused ultrasound: operation, treatment areas and certified safety

By acting on tissues in depth, microfocused ultrasound enables recomposition, with a consequent improvement of tissue slackening, explains Dr. Dell’Avanzato. Under constant ultrasound monitoring in order to permit working only where necessary, their action triggers the process of neocollagenesis, which will lead to a gradual and natural muscle-skin lifting in the months that follow.

A single treatment obtains a long-lasting regenerative and lifting effect. Therefore no longer lengthy treatment cycles to obtain results that are too temporary, as happened for example with the old radiofrequency, but just one session, with preservation of an everyday life.

Echo-guided microfocused ultrasound currently has approval from the FDA – the strict American government body that deals with the control and regulation of food and pharmaceutical products – for the treatment of:

-        Face

-        Neck

-        Cleavage

-        Eyebrows

Results of microfocused ultrasound

The results of treatment using echo-guided microfocused ultrasound are not immediate, even if it is not rare to see them already in the first days. Their collagen regeneration action is gradual and progressive over time, thus allowing a lifting effect in the subsequent 2-3 months which will remain stable for about a year. For this reason, concludes Dr. Dell'Avanzato, the results of this innovative treatment are extremely natural and, also thanks to the absence of recovery time, are ideal for both men and women.

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