Advanced beauty technologies: cellulite has lost immortality

Author: Dr. Migliori Ginevra

Date: 25/02/2019

Cellulite affects 1.4 billion women worldwide, accounting for 85% of the world's female population. It is a phenomenon that is spreading everywhere like an epidemic.

So there are very few lucky women who are not affected, explains plastic surgeon Dr. Ginevra Migliori.

Cellulite has a very important social impact on the lives of women affected by it, because it is a cause of great discomfort in many situations of everyday life, such as wearing a bikini or short or tight clothes, sitting with legs crossed, swimming, undressing in the gym or at home, and generally having to show your body with few clothes on or naked.

The woman of today is informed and aware: she wants to feel good about herself and with others and therefore strongly desires to do something to combat this very embarrassing imperfection.

The fact is that the time available is always so tight, because the woman of the 21st century undoubtedly wants to take care of herself, but she is also a dynamic woman, who works, who has to divide herself between work and family and who has to go back to being immediately functional in the thousand commitments of a busy life.

To recover self-esteem and self-confidence, continues Dr. Migliori, she is willing to invest a part of her precious little time in the fight against cellulite and therefore rightly demands visible and also lasting results, and she has every right.

The point is: what is the winning strategy in the fight against cellulite, assuming that there is one?

Although cellulite affects so many women in the world and is a cause for great embarrassment for those suffering from it, there is still a lot of confusion in most women's minds about what cellulite really is and it is still not clear what to do to fight it.

To the patients who come to visit me and say to me "Doctor, I suffer from cellulite, what can be done?" I reply with a question: "What exactly do you mean by cellulite?"

Some of them say rolls of fat, others dimples, others fluid retention in the legs and still others skin that has lost tone and firmness.

Each one gives a different "clinical picture" to her body, so each one understands cellulite differently.

So, what is cellulite?

Cellulite, explains Dr. Migliori, is a real disease that affects the subcutaneous tissue of the buttocks and thighs of women and is actually one disease, the same disease that can occur in the different ways that women describe.

It can therefore be understood that there is no "THE CURE" or "ONE CURE" for cellulite, but there are different procedures, each of which will be more suitable for one type or another of cellulite.

For this reason, a correct preliminary diagnosis is fundamental; that is, during the first visit it is necessary to define exactly what type of cellulite we are facing.

Once the correct diagnosis has been made, we will be able to recommend the most suitable and effective treatment plan for that type of cellulite.

Another observation that patients regularly refer to me is: "I've tried everything: mud, creams, massages, gym, diet, machinery in the beauty centre, etc., etc. I've seen some slight improvement, but then everything goes back to what it was before, if not worse".

In short, practically all have tried the "traditional remedies" with which they have been duly disappointed.

Despite these few encouraging premises, I have never thrown in the towel in the fight against cellulite which, instead, has become my most stubborn and bitter enemy in my crusade in the name and defence of all women who, like me, are affected.

So I started to do research, study, travel more and more often to follow all the latest innovations at various congresses.

I travelled to the USA, where I learned and brought back to Italy an extraordinary technique certified by the American FDA for the treatment of cellulite dimples with proven results up to 3 years, a real revolution in the fight against cellulite.

However, even the most powerful weapon that exists has to be used in the right way for claiming victory.

In short, says Dr. Ginevra Migliori, I realised that it was not possible to win by continuing to improvise without a precise plan. I understood that the only way to win the war against such an obstinate opponent necessarily means knowing the opponent very well and creating a smart and tailored strategy.

So, over time, I developed my integrated treatment strategy, which allowed me and allows me to combat every single aesthetic problem related to cellulite: the first method for correctly defining the problem and ensuring patients the maximum results and satisfaction is the 4D method, which means:

1. Define your needs: Preliminary diagnosis to understand what kind of problem exists

2. Designed unique procedure: Unique treatment plan insofar as it customised and tailored

3. No downtime: don't delay! Minimum or no recovery times and the possibility of returning to normal activities almost immediately

4. Don't lose your results: keep the results obtained over time through a maintenance programme made just for you.

Cellulite is no longer a frustration for me, neither as a woman nor as a doctor.

It was a hard and long journey, concludes Dr. Migliori, but with the experience gained in these years of scientific studies, passion and perseverance, I have managed to satisfy the legitimate expectations of my patients.

Migliori Ginevra


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