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Plastic surgery

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Milano (Italy)

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Plastic surgery

Dr. Santanchè was born in Turin on 11 August 1949. He graduated in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Turin in 1974. He specializes in Plastic Surgery at the University of Turin in 1977.
Dr. Santanchè is a technical consultant for the Judge of the Civil Court.
He is the Judge of the Criminal Court.

Dr. Santanchè is the author of numerous works published in the most authoritative national and international scientific journals. He has participated as a speaker at the most important national and international congresses.
He is also the author of the book "How to defend yourself from the aesthetic surgeon" (guide to the choice of the right intervention and who will perform it) Mariotti publisher, 2004.

Dr. Santanchè is the son of a gynecologist, Paolo Santanchè, and decided from an early age that he would become a doctor.
After graduating in medicine and surgery and specializing in plastic surgery in the university of his city, he decided to attend the best international surgeons abroad, to perfect himself according to the most advanced methods, thus avoiding the dogmas of official schools, in search of perfecting that creativity which has always characterized his work.


Studio del dottor Santanchè - Studio Associato

Via Alberto da Giussano 26
Milano (Italy)

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    Treatments offered
    Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery Treatments
    Upper blepharoplasty
    Transcongient inferior blepharoplasty (without scars)
    Orbital arch modeling
    Otoplasty (correction of protruding ears)
    Malaroplasty (cheekbone shaping)
    Lip Lift (lifting of the upper lip)
    Reduction of gingival arches
    Reductive cheiloplasty (lip reduction)
    Additive Mentoplasty
    Reductive Mentoplasty
    Facelift (ultrasonic trivettorial lifting)
    Neck lift
    Face lipostructure
    Double chin liposuction
    Endoscopic axillary breast augmentation
    Reduction mammoplasty
    Breast Lift
    Introflected nipple
    "Total body" liposuction
    Hips, thighs, knees, ankles, abdomen liposuction
    Arms liposuction
    Lifting arms
    Abdominal dermolipectomy (abdominoplasty)
    Abdominal mini dermolipectomy
    Lipostructure for hand rejuvenation
    Buttock lifting
    Thigh lifting
    Modeling of small lips
    Lips lipostructure
    Lifting of the Montre of Venus
    Secondary aesthetic surgery (reparation of unsatisfactory aesthetic operations)
    Botulinum toxin

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    The problems of aesthetic surgery
    The problems of aesthetic surgery

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