Dr. Dell'Avanzato Roberto

Aesthetic surgery

N. Registration to the order: 2342 Arezzo

Brescia (Italy)

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Aesthetic surgery


Dr. Roberto Dell’Avanzato is specialized in Surgery and earned a Master’s Degree in Cosmetic Surgery.He is an external faculty member of Laser and Laser Liposuction in the Master's Programme of Cosmetics.

Dr. Dell’Avanzato also obtained the University Diploma in Mini-Invasive Surgery.

In 2018 he won the prestigious Enrico Follador Award with his protocol "Endolift & microfocalized ultrasounds" for the best non-surgical facelift of the face, neck and body.

Dr. Dell'Avanzato is:

- SICPRE Member - Italian Society of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
- WOSAAM Member - World Society of Anti-Aging Medicine
- Member of GIST Italian Group of Study on Technologies
- Honorary Member of the Israeli Academy of Beauty
- Member of the Order of British Physicians (General Medical Council - London)
- BLS (Basic Life Support), PBLS (Pediatric Basic Life Support), ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support), PHTC (Pre Hospital Trauma Care), PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support)
- Founding Member of "Work in Progress ONLUS", a non-profit association that operates in Gambia and Senegal (Africa) and participates in humanitarian missions

Dr. Dell'Avanzato has participated in 4 humanitarian missions with "SmileAgain ONLUS" and "Depilex SmileAgain Foundation" during which he performed numerous surgical and laser treatments for the acidified victims of the Indian sub-continent (Pakistan and Bangladesh). 


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Brescia (Italy)

    Treatments offered

    - Resorbable Biostimulant Threads

    - Reaxorbable threads 

    - Non-resorbable traction threads

    - Non-resorbable suspension threads

    - Botulinum toxin 

    - Hyaluronic acid 

    - PlasmaLift, PRP, Dracula Lift, Bloody Lift

    - Peelings

    - Needling

    - Mesotherapy

    - Biostimulation

    - Bio-revitalization

    - Rejuvenation of the face, neck, décolleté, body

    - Laser Endolift

    - Intralipotherapy for localized adiposity

    - Laser removal of skin lesions

    - Laser removal of spots and capillaries

    - Sclerotherapy 

    - Scleromousse 

    - Acne laser treatment

    - Non-fractional laser

    - "guided subcision" cellulite treatment

    - Non-ablative fractional laser

    - Laser antalgic therapy

    - Laser breast rejuvenation

    - Laser rejuvenation of female genitalia

    - Photobiomodulation

    - Cryolipolysis

    - Laser Epilation

    - Cellulite

    - Microfocused ultrasound


    - Facial surgery

    - Lifting and soft-lifting

    - Rhinoplasty

    - Otoplasty

    - Surgery of the zygomatic region

    - Lip surgery

    - Mentoplasty

    - Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty

    - Microdermabrasion

    - Lipofilling

    - Lipostructure

    - Laser Liposculpture of localized or diffused adiposity

    - Cellulite surgery

    - Abdominoplasty

    - Lifting and mini-lifting abdomen

    - Surgery of hernias and hernias

    - Arm lifting

    - Lifting of the buttock

    - Gluteoplasty with intramuscular prosthesis

    - Microdermabrasion 

    - Breast augmentation with prosthesis

    - Breast augmentation with fat transfer

    - Reduction mammoplasty

    - Mastopexy

    - Gynecomastia

    - Hair loss surgery

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    Skin laxity for arms and knees

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